" raggedy man, goodnight. "

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Fandoms - Humor - Hot People
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Jenna Coleman & Peter Capaldi - LA Times

Mark Gatiss waited almost forty years to realise his childhood dreams of hamming it up as a Doctor Who baddie. He’d clearly be damned if he wasn’t going to squeeze the fun out of every background-featuring frame.
"Survivors have scars. Victims have graves."
— Something that I need carved in my bones. (via beagmactire)

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A Study in Structure
What you need to know about the blogger this Doctor Who season


  • I do not worship Steven Moffat.
  • Moffat hate is something I will potentially post.
  • Please know, ‘cause it’s important, that Moffat Hate is just a tag we use for critique. It’s not a burning hatred for the man himself. This tag is used for the convenience of those who love…

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